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Admission Policy

Please note: Camper applications are not accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Please read our Admissions Policy carefully.

St. Matthew’s Parish Summer Day Camp gives an admission priority to active Parish members and returning campers. The following criteria for Parish Membership are established by the Clergy and are consistent with all other Parish programs.


St. Matthew’s and the canon law of the Episcopal Church maintains four requirements for active membership:

Recording one's name on the parish's register of baptized members
Participating in regular Sunday worship
Involvement in a parish activity or ministry
Making an annual financial pledge in support of St. Matthew's.

You don’t need to have been baptized or confirmed as an Episcopalian in order to become a member of St. Matthew's. If you have any questions about Parish membership, please contact the Parish office at (310) 454-1358 or by visting

Our youngest campers are entering First Grade and our oldest campers are entering Sixth Grade.

While we would like to have all applicants attend camp, maintaining proper age and gender balance and limitations on the facilities available for camp often mean that not every child can attend. For the youngest class of children (just having completed Kindergarten and entering First Grade), since the criteria for returning campers are not applicable, those Parish members who apply will in almost all instances be admitted.


For returning campers, St. Matthew’s Day Camp considers other factors such as siblings of continuing and previous campers, pastoral concerns, and repeat applicants. A waiting list is kept of those we could not accept. Our youngest campers have finished Kindergarten and are entering 1st grade next fall. Our oldest campers have finished 5th and are entering 6th grade next fall.


Campers who successfully complete this year’s program with no less than eighteen full days’ attendance at Camp (no more than six days absent) will be considered “returning campers” next year. Those with more than six unexcused absences will generally lose their priority – vacations are not normally considered excused absences. The Vestry and Day Camp Board believe that enforcement of this attendance policy is appropriate stewardship of the wonderful resource that the Day Camp offers the Parish community.


Application Process

Our online Camper Applications open each year on February 1st  and close on March 1st.

Acceptance and wait list decisions are typically sent to families at the beginning of April. 

Camper applications for 2024 are now closed. We are not accepting late applications. 

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