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The Parish Camp's Mission Statement

St. Matthew’s Day Camp serves the children and families of the Parish and the surrounding community. The Camp provides a diverse recreational experience through a safe and structured program that emphasizes friendship, caring, self esteem and fun. It provides both campers and staff the opportunity to enjoy the Parish grounds and the company of one another, and to develop physical, social, and personal skills, in a Christian setting, as a complement to their family upbringing and formal education.

Our youngest campers are entering First Grade and our oldest campers are entering Sixth Grade.

We are committed to operating as an Episcopal Day Camp, supporting the spiritual growth of our children. As part of the Parish’s outreach, the Camp will continue to offer a number of “camperships” to children from the wider community who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Applications are not accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Please carefully read our policy on our Camper Applications page.

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